Dragon Ball Links

Kanzenshuu - Kanzenshuu is without a doubt the number 1 Dragon Ball fan-made website with the largest community on the internet. The immense amount of detailed information found on it is unparalleled. There is even more Dragon Ball content hidden away on the forums such as Herms' Guide Guide, which includes even more translations present on the site's main content sections. Site was formed by the merger of Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai.

Temple O' Trunks - Amazingly, this classic site dedicated to Trunks still exists (with last update in 2008). I love that it still has it's original layout design. This character-dedicated site seemed like it was the best of it's type. I was honored to be in their links section.

The Ultimate DBZ Information Site - This was an amazing resource of DBZ information in its day. While Kanzenshuu now has more accurate information and translations, this site was the first to translate the Daizenshuu guide book information for English speakers. It's surprising it still exists (although some links and images no longer work).

Defunct Dragon Ball Links

Planet Namek - This was the Kanzenshuu of it's time (or at least the main Dragon Ball site I visited). While some of it's information may not have the accuracy of more recent translations (such as various power levels), this was the best of the best at the time. I was so proud of myself for having a place on their links page. To this day I still talk about it! Haha.

Daizenshuu EX - I love that the site kept it's layout consistent for so long. It's so simple and easily identifiable. I always thought of DaizEX in the old days as one of the most professionally-made DB sites with original content. It was a great source of news during its days too.

Kanzentai - Kanzentai had a huge amount of original translations and was an all around incredible DB database. As far as I can tell, most of the information present here is now available on Kanzenshuu.

DBZGT Legacy - Great Dragon Ball resource site in its day. I loved the simple layout similar to Daizenshuu EX.